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622 Fairbrook St, Northville MI for $272 per Sq Ft

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and Salem Township,
Michigan, Real Estate

Average Prices per Square Foot

City of Northville: $229
City of Plymouth: $ 215
Northville Township: $170
Plymouth Township: $164
Canton Township: $142
Salem Township: $176

One of the best ways to find a good real estate deal is to compare a property to the area’s average price per square foot. (If the property is a fixer-upper, and needs renovation/rehab work, a good rule of thumb is $20 per square foot.)

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Location, location…

Northville, Plymouth, and Canton, are all part of Wayne County - hence considered suburbs of Detroit - yet conveniently located almost smack-dab in between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Settled in the early 1800's, Northville was once the northern part of Plymouth and Canton was once the southern, with Plymouth in the middle retaining the original name. Plymouth was almost known as Peking because of interest in Asia during the time, however, Canton received the nod to an Asian city instead!

Also settled in the early 1800’s, located in Washtenaw County, and to the west of Northville and Plymouth, is Salem Township; Mailing addresses in Salem Township include parts of Northville, Plymouth, Ann Arbor, and South Lyon.

Cities with Cozy Downtown Areas!

The City of Northville and the City of Plymouth are both located in Wayne County.
(A small portion of the City of Northville is located in Oakland County.)

The City of Plymouth boasts two old fashioned downtown areas - Downtown Plymouth and Old Village  - and holds #1 spot for’s “Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Wayne County”. … The City of Northville offers sophisticated Downtown Northville, which is #1 in seven of’s rankings, including “Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Detroit Area”!